Give your employees the financial confidence they are searching for with Eave.

We partner with you to improve your employees’ engagement and financial well-being, so they can focus on work. Want to know how we do this?

What is Eave?

Eave is a revolutionary direct mortgage lender helping home buyers in Colorado. We automate 60% of the mortgage process in our software, operated by our expert underwriters.

We’ve partnered with local financial experts to provide free wellness education to your employees.

The opportunity

Impact of Financial Stress: The number of employees experiencing financial stress is higher than many employers know.

1 in 3

The number of employees distracted by their finances at work


The percentage of people who say that financial challenges cause them the most stress in their lives. 


Average number of hours each week those distracted by their finances are thinking about or dealing with issues related to their personal finances while at work

*Above data from PwC 2017, Employee Financial Wellness Survey.

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Schedule your teams private financial wellness seminar. You tell us when & where. 

How it works

Eave tailors a program to fit your needs. 

By helping to bring financial wellness to your company, we can improve your ROI on work output through improved employee engagement.

We come to you

We come when it’s most convenient for you and your employees.

Develop a plan

Following our seminar, we spend 30-minutes with your employees to develop a financial.

Get ongoing support

Eave and our partners remain available to counsel your employees over time.

Our approach

At Eave, we've rebuilt mortgage lending to create the mortgage experience we've always wanted. 

To help your employees become confident and successful homeowners, we partner with financial experts to advise your employees on other financial decisions -- at no cost to you or to them. Our program covers investing, wealth through homeownership, home purchase, and managing debt (including student debt).

Enjoy the results that come from a more engaged, focused workforce


Drive productivity & growth

Reduce costs & stress associated with employees under financial stress at no cost to you.


Optimize investments in employee benefits

Help enhance employee's financial security


Improve workforce management

Our approach supports your business

To bring Eave and our financial partners onsite for a robust 1-hour seminar.




To support your employees in developing an action plan for financial wellness, specific to them.

If an employee gets a mortgage with us, they will pay $0 lender fees.

Pricing and fees

We all benefit when we are financially well. We don’t charge you or your employees for anything.

We created these events, because we want to help people think about their home ownership and

financial wellness choices. 

So how do we make money? Eave makes revenue when we close and fund a loan. This revenue is paid by banks and financial institutions, not by our borrowers -- in the form of fees or otherwise. Employees may decide later to hire the financial advisors they meet, but Eave receives no compensation or referral fees.

With every successful home purchase, Eave donates funds to build a home for a family in India.

We're on a mission

Vijaya’s home had a thatched roof. During strong winds and rains, her children don't feel safe and can't study. After bad weather, the roof and walls need to be repaired. This is painstaking and expensive. 

She will use these funds to make her home safe for her children. She will save money as she’ll no longer need to regularly repair her whole home.

How Eave Helped Vijaya Balu

and her family of six

“We qualified for 20% more than with my company's bank.”

Brett & Amanda

“Super responsive, knowledgeable, proactive - with me every step of the way.”


"Genuine pleasure. Didn’t think we could get a loan.

Abby & Sammer

Job Title, Company

What homebuyers are saying

Our product in action

We built our product in house, to finally (finally!) bring simplicity to the mortgage process -- even for complex borrower with atypical income streams.

Our team

We’ve brought on industry veterans dedicated to your success. Our team helped build industry-defining companies

We think that's you.

We only work with companies

who put their team first.

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